Welcome to the writing pages of Lisa @ Authentic Truths. God’s glory is visible in the triumphs of my life, but also in the challenges and tragedies. If you need some inspiration to get through a difficult time, or just a little spiritual pick me up, I invite you to browse through the following pages.

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What you read is from my personal stories of my journey through life, both before and after I came to know Christ.

Someone out there needs to hear an inspirational story about how God works in our lives, or needs to know they're not alone. Whatever the case may be, you can help! Share the messages on the following pages with those you know. Let's keep hope alive, and bring Christ to a world in need!

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  • "My God, I'm Crazy" Blog

    A unique and inspiring journey of survival. Penetrating the barriers of mental illness with a refreshing, authentic and humorous point of view! This is my personal story meant to be shared to God's glory!

  • Lost and Found

    Mid life changes are here! I never saw it coming, and I've been smacked with a big dose of reality. Join me on my journey as I encounter the unknown, find the new me, and find joy through it all!

  • Five Minute Fridays

    A weekly flash mob of writers gathering once a week, writing on one prompt word, and sharing across the world!

Authentically inspiring others,

Lisa Marie