Aug. 5, 2014

Don't be ASHAMED!

How much do you share on social media? Seems we now share our entire life somewhere on the internet. People share jokes, funny quotes, music and videos. Is Jesus part of your consistent sharing routine? Do we share Him by how we treat others? Are we teaching our children and setting examples for the next generation by our actions? When it comes to the 'main' source of worldwide communication these days, are we doing everything we can to make sure Jesus is the spotlight? I know many people think, “No, I don’t want to share THAT on MY page, site, feed or status!’s controversial, people don’t want to see THAT on MY status. I want to keep it light and entertaining, I don’t want to share THAT.” Think about it.
Social media is here to stay and has fast become the dominant way of communicating- so what are you doing to spread the good news. As a believer, this should be your priority!