Personal Insight and Inspiration

Jan. 16, 2017

Before the day had a name,

He sat there in the night.

All creation at his fingertips,

held back by his might.

And while He called forth

the sun, the moon, and stars.

You were already thought of..

Your breath, your heart.

Through those times he watched

The sin of man come and go..

Those times of hurt and disappointment

That every mother and father would come to know.

He already knew your name, your face, your soul,

It was written clearly on His hand..

You aren’t just a number walking..

among the walk of man.

We aren’t just robots stepping through salvations door.

We aren’t a conveyor belt of forgiven faces,

No, beloved, you are so much more.

You are a child of the Most High,

Loved beyond imagination.

Filled with the Holy Spirit,

By the author of all creation.

You are Holy and without blame,

By the grace of Jesus Christ name.

You are wise beyond comprehension,

Loved in every dimension.

You are stronger than the strongest wind.

You are alive.

Child you are free.

Fully satisfied, with everything you need.

Adorned as a member of royalty,

You are treasured. You are loved.

A child of The Great I Am.

You are significantly valued.

And forever you will be.

So know who you are.

Because You belong to a King.

Mar. 6, 2015

Broken. Can’t find me in the fragments I see.
Shattered, shards of emptiness lying at my feet.
There are no words, no remedy.
For what this heart feels, what it’s seen.

But I’m free, no shackles hold me down,
Fear tangled memories surround..
The fallen, but free.

Reflection. Mirrored echos, such disgrace.
Unfamiliar me, unfamiliar place.
Once lost, you found me here..

But I’m free, no shackles hold me down,
Fear tangled memories surround..
The fallen, but free.

I sing to you my King, Hallelujah,
For what you’ve done.
Pierced for my sins, placed on the cross.
Death can’t hold, what God sent
To save the lost.
Broken, healed, broken, renewed.
Broken, risen with You.

May. 15, 2014

one last glance, and thou shall see
something lost, forbidden thee.
upon the trail of distinguished steps
lies the ruins; to not forget.
you gave me light, amidst the dark
a brilliant chance, yet torn apart.
and perhaps the day will pass,
perhaps a time, another chance.
it is but the memory we now will hold.
yet, forever, from now, the truth be told.
I shall not forget this moment in time.
a knight so gallant, forbidden mine.
the grandest of loves, a friend indeed.
the most important thing to me.
he watches upon the clouds,
making perfect our path somehow.
fully aware of what shall come to pass..
protection while living in homes of glass.
the armor shining, brilliantly adorned.
this saves the heart of one so scorn.
so I hold this treasure given, close to my heart.
to always remember, while always apart.

Lisa Wenninger
May. 15, 2014

The beauty of my daughter...her quiet mystery..
her inner self, surrounded, so no one else can see..
her gentle way of living, while trying to be so hard.
But Christ has never been, to far from her heart.
She contemplates life in ways I'd never dare.
And always gives each human the benefit of her care.
She raises questions in my mind, and it amazes me so.
She fights for what she believes, in ways I'll never know.
But today I had a blessing, that forever in mind will stay.
As she bowed before God and his people, bowed her head and prayed.
She'll never know just what she did, and how my heart was touched.
For if I I try to fuss, she'll simply walk away with a shrug.
She wonders back and forth, and sometimes I have no clue.
But today I had a blessing, and God, it came straight from You!
She and I, we battle Lord, and don't always see eye to eye.
Today You showed me that no matter where we are, you are still in her life.
And though sometimes I just can't see it, and anger takes control.
I must know You're here, and learn to just let go.
She's in your hands my I wait to watch your plan.
Today, I had a blessing, and instead of thinking she won't, I'll always know, You can!

Lisa Wenninger
May. 15, 2014

We sat down after the songs were done..panting for air..
and I saw that on the screen behind the podium, a fly had landed there.
Though I tried to keep my attention, on the one speaking to me..
My eyes wondered to the fly, it seemed to be all I could see.
I pulled my eyes away, and bowed my head in prayer,
but as soon as it ended, my eyes shot back to the fly, yep it was still there!
I thought, "Well, this is crazy, I have better control I know.."
But no matter how hard I tried, right back to the fly my eyes would go.
When the preacher took center stage, I knew now this non sense would end.
But low and behold, he saw the fly, and mentioned how easily distracted we'd been.
I giggled with the rest, knowing that this was true.
But haven't stopped thinking to myself, "Lisa, how distracted are you?"
When God calls me to study His word, do I sit right down and read?
Do I manage to find His daily gifts, the ones He places just for me?
How distracted can I get in one day, to miss His loving touch.
Did He send someone for me to love, I seem to miss so much.
I wonder about that fly a lot, and just what it was doing there.
Was God giving me a message that day, with His gentle humorous care?
I've often heard people say, I wish I could be a fly on the wall.
Perhaps God was checking in on me that day, and yes he saw it all.
Now every service I attend, I remember that fly,
and when distraction creeps in, oh no, not I.
I pay full attention, never know what silly thing God might do.
For as great as his love always is, I am beginning to see, his humor is too!!!

Lisa Wenninger