Mar. 18, 2014


I am stronger than a lion on the prowl.
My claws need not strike in anger,
my gentleness will be fierce enough.
I am more beautiful than a billboard model.
I need no fashion, no glimmer,
no entourage, for I stand tall on a catwalk of truth.
I am one intelligent woman.
The wisdom I have doesn't come
with diploma's or degrees, that I place on a wall.
I am a scholar, for I strive to know the word of Jesus.
I am walking royalty.
I don't need a castle on a hill,
a ball to announce my coming.
My castle resides in the subdivision of heaven.
My royal ball will be alone, secluded,
dancing in the arms of Jesus.
I am far richer than the richest man on earth.
I have every necessity I will ever need,
I don't need to spend money to
accumulate useless materials.
My riches are grand, I am fulfilled.
I am a woman with faith...
I am strong, intelligent, gentle, royal, and rich.
I am compassionate, and beautiful, yet humble.
I am confident, for I rest in the arms of Jesus.
I am a woman of faith..I am blessed beyond all measure.
I have no doubt, no fear, I am forgiven, I forgive.
I have hope, I believe.
I have love. I have Jesus.
I am... a woman with faith.

Lisa Wenninger