May. 2, 2014

A Hedge, Like Job's

Bless my family Lord,
I call upon your name...
Place a hedge of protection around them,
let them be covered by You.
Bless this family Lord, My God,
as you blessed Job's too..
Satan saw that hedge you placed upon,
the sons and daughters of Job..
Though Satan came against this man,
that may not seem fair to me..
First, he knew of your protection,
and he had to let them be..
He asked you to your face, my Lord,
"Did you not place that hedge there.."
I call upon Your name Dear God,
Let Satan know, they're in Your care..
Many read the book of Job, and know of
all the pain, but it's there in chapter 1, verse 10 I read,
the words my wisdom gained.
Before the trials came upon, and loss broke his heart.
Protection from Satan God supplied, Job prayed and did his part.
And Satan knew what God had done, and despised this loss of his..
So Lord, I pray protection, all around my husband and kids..
In Jesus Name, I come to You, with scripture from the Old...
I ask this blessing so humble, but Lord, I stand believing and bold...

Lisa Wenninger