May. 1, 2014

Do Not Fear..

Do not fear, do not fear,
Written enough times to read for a year.
I do not fear giant crowds, or speaking truth to many.
I do not fear stepping out of comfort zones, done it plenty of times already.
I do not fear standing alone, in church or wherever I might be.
I do not fear crying alone, because it's never just me.
I do not fear taking the right, when everyone else chooses the wrong.
I do not fear walking away, even when the road home gets long.
I do not fear taking control, it's just a gift of mine.
I do not fear being patient, I have nothing here but time.
I do not fear taking up my cross daily, dying to myself.
I do not fear the moment I break down, and ask the Lord for help.
I do not fear sudden loss, God's time is always right.
I do not fear letting go, or having to say good bye.
But every day I wake, there is fear inside my heart.
I fear I'll never get His work done, this time we are apart.
I fear I'll never reach enough, never spread the Word as told.
I fear I'll miss the opportunity He gives me, and never be the clay to mold.
I fear I'll be angry, at a time when I should love.
I fear I'll lose one chance for the one He's thinking of.
I fear the door will open, and I will turn around and leave.
I fear the road He paved, will be the road I never see.
I fear I'll lack the wisdom, and the words I needed to share.
I fear when God needs me to, I will forget to truly care.
So many things I fear today, so many things I don't.
So many things I'll always do, and so many I won't.
It's just a lesson that I've learned, I'm growing every day.
To get this job done, He teaches me in every way.
That lessons come in every day life, some are hard to take.
Just when you think you've got it right, a new lesson He will make.
Every lesson brings you closer, so I'll always ask for more.
Fear not, do not worry, do not fear.... says the Lord.