May. 15, 2014

Don't Cry for Me

It's never an easy road, we all know this to be true.
Fought the fight time and again, through and through.
The strength rises up, and conquers what comes my way.
So through the trials I face right now, don't cry for me today.
This lifes roads seem bumpy, the grade increases through the time.
Just when I think there's no more, ahead I find another climb.
I hollar out into the night "I can not take no more!"
When suddenly the climb ends, and I find myself a door.
Turning the handle slowly, afraid of what I'll see.
Sure enough, another obstacle, but don't you cry for me.
For the Lord has filled me daily, and I have all that it will take.
If I stay focused on Him, then there is nothing here at stake.
For the greatest gift has been given, and I received it long ago.
So the things that can be lost, truly mean nothing, I know.
What really matters in life, is succeeding to the next.
Heavens gates shall open, I'll lay my head at Jesus chest.
So don't cry for me today, for what you see is small.
Nothing here on earth can fix it, but Jesus came and took it all.
Life is life, and dark at best, the light is only from above.
When the Lord looks down and comforts me, I feel His awesome love.
You may see my tears fall, and a sadness always on my face.
Rest assured in peace today, I'm well prepared for this race.
It seems amazing as we watch, so much I've been through.
Still, don't cry for me, pray for me, is all I ask from you.
There is always a lesson to be learned, and sometimes it seems so wrong.
But how else do we gain what God needs us to, that's why the road is long.
For His classroom is always open, the seat available for me.
I'd rather be sitting in His presence, then alone for eternity.
No tears need fall today, heads shake and wonder why.
Don't worry, don't lose sleep, and whatever you do, don't cry.
Today is the day he planned, so perfectly for me.
Whether tears are required or not, things are as they should be.
So when you sit down today, and wonder what happens now.
Know that I'm ready in my corner, He gets me through, some way, some how.
When things seem beyond what I can handle, and it just shouldn't be.
Then know, I'm not in charge, and don't you cry for me.

Lisa Wenninger