May. 15, 2014

Fill me Father

Father, fill me with your spirit, fill me Father, please.
Just give me what I need to find the following day.
Yes Father, fill me with your wisdom, fill me Father please.
For I can not walk without you, only you can guide my way.
The path is unsure when my eyes are not set on you.
So Father please guide me through all I set out to do.
The day is long, the hours so slow.
Fill me Father, please, so I know the pace to go.
Keep my chin held high, my eyes looking ahead.
Living in the worlds chaos, yet focused on You instead.
Fill me Father, fill me with your mighty power.
That I remember your love and mercy through each working hour.
Oh yes, fill me Lord, with the most important desire.
Let me stand tall in You, the Almighty, filled with fire.
And when my shoulders fall, and the work is hard to do.
Just carry me Father, and fill me, with You.
Your hands are never tired, Your grace never low.
Fill me Father, for in you I feel my abilities only grow.
Life is a daily battle, and when I think I left my armor behind.
Alas, you are there, to fill me Father, in my heart and in my mind.
With this I go, another day ahead, but just one last plea.
O Father of spirit, love, mercy, patience, please, fill me.

Lisa Wenninger