May. 15, 2014

Give Me Mud!

I dont want to be blind.. I just want to see You..
Lord take the mud and wipe my eyes..
Let me be stripped of the blindness, that holds me back.
I want to be able to walk with eyes open wide.
Life's paths take me down roads I fear,
and Lord to get through those obstacles.
I ask You to make my vision clear.
So please take the mud, wipe these eyes for me.
As you did long ago, enabling the blind man to see.
By your grace and power, all things come clear.
When I believe in you Jesus..I see...and live.
I stand tall, and look around..each step I now take without fear.
To be blind meant solitude in darkness, but now I see the light.
With freedom to see, I give thanks to you Jesus.
The mud that repaired my sight.

John 9

Lisa Wenninger