May. 15, 2014

Giving something back to Jesus!!

It's Christmas time Jesus..down here on earth..
and though this time should be in memory of your birth.
We have a small tradition, of giving gifts away..
opening them excitedly, early on Christmas day.
So Lord, I thought this year, I wanted to include you on my list.
Not that you need a thing I know, but I'd love to give you a gift.
It may be torn a little, it's kind of old you see.
But I'd like you to have it, this special gift from me.
I don't have any fancy wrapping, no bows sweetly tied.
I don't even have a box to fit, I couldn't manage that if I tried.
There is no bubble wrap, it's no longer a breakable thing.
No tissue paper gently covering your gift, it's not as fragile as you'd think.
I really don't want to wait till Christmas, for you to have this gift.
I feel like a little child, with a big surprise to give.
So I thought about my timing, and know it's perfect indeed.
So Lord, here you go!! Your gift this year is ME!!!
I bet you never saw that coming, you probably had no clue.
But the greatest gift I ever received, just happens to be YOU!
So I thought, well, if this is how I feel, I imagine you might feel the same!
I know you already knew me, knew me by my name!
But tonight, while standing forgiven, I know that this is true.
You must be very happy, that my gift was me to you!!

Lisa Wenninger