May. 12, 2015

The Gifts That Matter Most!

Mother’s day has come and gone. Many received fancy gifts made by the precious hands of their own children, (I miss those days!), others received new gadgets, roses, chocolates, dinner out (I had one of those!) or cards with sweet words of thanks and silly words of love.

All these gifts are wonderful, thoughtful and kind. This year was different for me, but amazing. No kids screaming “Happy Mother’s Day!”- all my kids are grown. The one kid that still lives at home was away for the week. Not even my husband was there to kiss me and say something sweet. I woke up to kisses from my puppy dog, and a silent house.

So when I walked into church with the chocolate fondue set up, yummy chocolates around the tables and pink lemonade, and asked my oldest son and his wife, “What’s going on?”  They both laughed and said, “It’s Mother’s Day!”

Oh ya!

It’s Mother’s Day. May 10, 2015. Four days after one of the biggest scares of my life. My mom- the rock of my life, the laughter behind my biggest smiles, the fire behind some of the loudest arguments of my life- my mom had been released just three days prior after having a heart attack.

Her life, on this Mother’s Day, is her gift, and it’s my gift that mattered most. So after I left church, I went to her house and spent the afternoon sitting side by side on her loveseat, watching a movie, eating burritos she was so happy to make- (with some minor diet safe changes). We talked, and laughed and shared a day together, she had one dog on her lap, and I had the other!

We are blessed beyond measure because on Tuesday, May 5, 2015- God said, “Nope, not yet!”

 And she received a miracle.

My gifts that matter most are my children. Through the maze of growing up they’ve each journeyed.  One after another, passing the milestones- marriage, children, purchasing new cars, renting their own homes (trying to save to buy a new home!!)..  They are gifts that have made me who I am, through our best days, and through the worst.  They are my loves, each one individual but each one equally sown in the fabric of my being, to the depths of my soul.

These gifts are gifts that matter most- my mom’s heart beating to a whole new drum, and my children living and experiencing life in whole new ways.

And don’t get me started on my grandkids, those little apples will take another hour!!!!