Mar. 18, 2014

New Me, Take 1!

I’ve often been told my life should be made into a movie. It wouldn’t always be the happiest film. I’ve overcome abuse, loss, fear, bipolar disorder and some tough parenting challenges!

I was beaten and broken by a life that tossed me around, the last thing I thought I could be was renewed. I was who I was, how can I possibly change that?

Learning how to let it go and leave it at the cross and to incorporate my new faith and this new me, into my old daily routine was difficult? What is change? How do we transition from a place of comfort, no matter how frightening that place was, to a place of grace?

How does that old me fully be the His new me?

Your story hasn't been fully written, and no matter what arises in the stages of your life, He is ready to lead you forward through the story. 

Are you ready to step back? Can you remove the shield you placed over your heart?

Are you ready to let love be the theme of your new life?

In what was once so weak, are you ready to be Jesus strong?