Mar. 17, 2014

Trusting God- when I've never trusted anyone.

Moms in today's society are expected to be "Super Mom"- work full time, clean, cook, chauffer, nurse, counsel, teach, bathe, and then-look presentable, pay the bills, and be that awesome wife! Anyone out there the perfect example of this kind of mom? That's a NO for me, too! 

In 2013, I found myself quickly succumbing to a critical health freefall. The stress of a grandbaby being born to my teenage daughter- 3 ½ months early, a husband traveling over half the year, a teenage son missing his dad-and showing it, and my mom who, herself, faced some serious news on her own health, all by June- had taken its toll. By the end of the year, I would face 2 biopsies and was visiting doctors on a weekly basis, until everything came to a sudden halt. I had to quit my job just to catch my breath.

There was a time I only relied on me, it was all I had. So to trust God in everything didn't come easy. Multiple times in my walk I've had to lay it down, and trust the God who asks me to.

Do you believe God has it under control?  Or are you to busy being a control freak? 'Trust in the Lord sounds good on Sunday, don't get me started on Monday'- mentalities leave our hearts empty all week long. God intended to be part of your day-every day! More importantly, He intends to be your rock for the rest of your life.  The journey doesn't have to be so chaotic, if the right driver is at the wheel.