Is there any other title for me! “My God, I’m Crazy” comes after a lifetime of dealing with depression and the last 14 years of having a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. The road has been rough, but I’ve made it this far. So why not take it even further.

I’ve been on multiple medications, placed in a mental hospital, fought the demons of suicidal tendencies, remained in bed for days on end, spent my money uncontrollably, and went from a freezing cold to a flaming hot in 15 seconds flat!

Know what I mean?

It is estimated that 2.6% of the U.S. population lives with the diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder, which is nearly 6 million people. It penetrates any gender, race, ethnicity or social class, with a typical onset of mid 20’s, but can appear at any age. How serious is this disorder? One in five patients’ completes suicide. And yes, some of those people just happen to be Christians too!

With some disturbing statistics, there’s work to be done. It has been a war of the mind to maneuver my way in a world where hope and faith are the dominant characteristics of a believer. Often they hard to find, and the reality is, we feel as though we’ve lost hope, we don’t want to believe, shoot, breathing is a chore at times. So here it is, the truth.

Raw, authentic and real- if you came here for foo-foo- you won’t find it. This is the real deal, my story, a Bipolar Life.

*This blog discussion is not meant to replace a diagnosis, treatment plan or help of a professional doctor or counselor. If you are in need of medical help, I advise you to seek the assistance of your medical team immediately.

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    We are not alone. And so to confirm that, I've written down my story. It won't be unique, and it won't be pretty. But it is mine, and it is real.

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