Oct. 8, 2015

He who is in me!

How can I put into words what October brings to my life. A strange phenomena takes place, as everything inside of me begins the systematic process of change. As if time itself has an internal effect on me. It almost feels like a shutdown of sorts, and one I’m not too excited about.

With this change, comes the knowledge of another looming season of dread. This year, I choose to systematically make some changes of my own. I choose to live. I choose to live with joy. I choose to take time to pray, to sing, to share, to love. I know what happens to this bipolar mind around this time of the year, but I refuse to accept the ‘same ole stuff’.

I’m not interested in walking the dark road of depression again this year. And while the circumstances have already begun to infiltrate my life, circumstances all around me,  I choose to trust God. Every year, ‘things’ just start to happen. September rolls in, and so does the stress. Which is why, I believe, by the time October hits, I’m exhausted. In the past, I dropped down and sat in that position of defeat until the winter came to an end. This year, you won’t see me dropping.

This year, I am committing myself to not only staying above the waters, but running victoriously along the beach! I commit to focus on my God, who is for me, rather than all that is against. I commit to enjoying life and exploring my personal strengths, rather than submit to my weaknesses. I promise myself to not take on everyone else’s problems, to not make them my own. I promise myself to pray, for me and for the many out there in need.

I can’t have another season like all those before. I can’t allow the world to beat down on me when I’m meant for so much more in Christ! Life tries to disarm us through trials, but it is our choice to remain clothed in Jesus, to put on the armor that can’t be removed.

It’s up to us to meet the challenge and to believe in an Almighty God, and to know, without a doubt, He who is in me is stronger than he who is in the world!