Feb. 1, 2016

Braving the Storm!

This past weekend, we were told to brace for an ‘epic’ snowstorm moving in to Colorado. Kids were excited for snow days, and, well… so was I! The stores were packed with people preparing to hunker down, plows were on full alert.

I woke up this morning to a mere dusting of snow that is, in Colorado, laughable. My mom and I decided yesterday, our weather forecasters have probably moved here from California!

Still, if this had been that epic storm they were calling for, it is nice to have that advanced warning. Most large scale weather phenomena are now able to be predicted, warnings are sent out to those who live in the areas. People are given the opportunity to prepare for the storm that is coming.

If only our life came with the technology to warn us when the storm was coming!


“This is the Mental Health Awareness System..the national bipolar service has issued a severe manic storm that has the potential to create great havoc. We advise that you seek medical attention, make sure your meds are filled, pray and be aware at all times. Thank you.”

But there is no technology to provide you a mental health alert. However, we take the time to learn our triggers, to seek help through professionals we trust and support groups that understand. We educate ourselves and our families, we use the medications that help. We commit to pray, stay active and be honest about where our state of mind is. We are our own ‘warning system’. And when faced with a positive attitude, and the right tools, we can succeed!

I pray that your day is filled with blessings, and that you are doing ok. If you need prayer, please, just let me know.

Yours in Christ,


**This blog discussion in no way is meant to replace a diagnosis, treatment plan or help of a professional doctor or counselor. If you are in need of medical help, I advise you to seek the assistance of your medical team immediately.