Someone once commented, "It takes incredible courage to tell your story. Thank you for sharing and letting people know that there is freedom from the chains of pain..."

I strongly believe that God has every intention of releasing us from whatever chains may be holding us back. I have a passion to help others tap into that potential in Christ by sharing my personal story of survival through faith, hope, perseverance and determination! God's word is salve to cover our wounds, the bandage to mend the broken and the strength to overcome.

God has purposed me to share my story, or 'stories', with the world. Why? Because each story reveals His love, his guidance, his mercy, his forgiveness and his unparalleled grace in every circumstance I've encountered!

The following pages are topics that may be of interest to you in an event gathering, retreats, or just some inspiration for the day. Each one is taken directly from my life, my personal journey and my walk with Christ!

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  • The Bipolar Christian

    Hear Lisa's personal story of the winning battle of the bipolar mind- one challenge at a time, one day at a time.
    Understanding God as our Healer, our Counselor and our great Provider!

  • Forgiveness, Fear, and other ways we're held back.

    Lisa shares some significant traumatic events of her past, and the road God led her down to a complete healing. "The key is to release to God that which holds us back. We can't experience freedom if we are still grasping on to the pains of our past." God is the I AM- not the "I was"!

  • New me, take 1

    Lisa reveals the challenges of not allowing our past to dictate our our new selves, and taking the next step after receiving Christ and maneuvering through your new life- renewed and invigorated by the Holy Spirit!

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